Seeing the BIG picture for 2020

Did you make any resolutions for this year? (or maybe even for this decade??) Managing your waste and recycling is an ever-changing process. BIG wants to help! Take a step back and look at the BIG picture for 2020. We’ve got a few resolutions for you to think about. Together we can clean up our corner of the world and keep our part of Texas a great place to live.

2020 Resolutions

  1. Contamination is your enemy! At BIG we are taking all that stuff in the recycle bins, carts, and dumpsters from houses, businesses, industries, and schools with the hope of recycling as much as we can. Some of the “rules” may sound too fussy but if you put things in that don’t belong they can contaminate the things that could be recycled. So resolve to rinse out those jars, bottles, and cans. Don’t put hazardous materials (and yes, diapers fall into that category!) into your recycle bin.
  2. We love composting but you can’t put compost materials in your recycling bin. Resolve to reduce your carbon footprint with easy composting, but make sure you keep that process separate from your recycling. Learn more about composting.
  3. Resolve to take a look at what materials can be recycled and what can’t. This varies by location and type of recycling. Not sure what to recycle? Check here.
  4. Plastic is super convenient but we’ve all seen some of the issues whether dealing with microplastics in our ocean to figuring out what to do with all those plastic bags from the grocery store. Resolve to reduce your dependence on plastic and understand which plastics can be easily recycled vs. those that can’t.
  5. January is often a time to refresh. Did you know your scrap metal could make money? You might be surprised if you look around – steel, aluminum, copper (think plumbing, roofing materials, the stuff in wires), brass, etc. You could have more value on hand than you think. Resolve to clean up and give us a call with questions about possible scrap items that we will pay you for!

These are just 5 of the many ways to help our environment in 2020. Throughout the year we will share more ways we can make BIG changes.

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