5 Recycling Resolutions for the New Year


Now that you’ve vowed to get to the gym more, take some time to help our planet. At BIG- Brannon Industrial Group, we  would like to remind you to make recycling part of your New Year’s resolutions.

It’s never too late to begin taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint. In 2022,, strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Here are 5  simple tips for cutting down on waste in the New Year.

  1. Go paperless. If you haven’t already, let the New Year motivate you to finally make the switch from mailed bills and bank statements to a greener, digital format. If you’ve been getting catalogs that you don’t need, take the steps to take your name off those mailing lists.
  2. Start composting. Many cities are beginning to institute composting collection, so now is the best time to start a compost in your yard or even indoors. Food waste makes up a large part of what ends up in landfills, but when you compost, you convert that waste to energy.
  3. Bagless is better. You’ve heard it before, but this year, take action. Plastic bags get caught in recycling machines, so bring a bag with you when you go shopping. Bags that collapse into small pouches can be easily thrown into a purse or jacket pocket.
  4. BYOC: Bring your own cup or container. Coffee shops are unlikely to object to filling your washable to-go cups, and while your waiter might look askance at the to-go container you’ve brought from home, you can rest easy knowing every little bit helps.
  5. Recycle! If you’re reading this blog, you likely recycle already, but this year, see if there’s something you can improve upon. Do you toss shredded paper in the trash? Throw away containers holding liquid just because you don’t want to pour it out? Take the steps necessary to be the best recycler you can be, and then consider asking others to do the same.


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