BVR Driver Brings Holiday Joy


We all love starting a new year with hope. Hope that the next 365 days will be better than the last. Hope for happiness, success, prosperity…and hope for kindness.

Here is little story that will start your new year off right.


Dear BVR, and especially our Wednesday driver,

Our family feels like a miracle happened last week.  Our son Nikolas is five and a half.  He has special needs and often feels anxious and isolated.  For several years now, his favorite thing in the world has been garbage and recycling.  He’s checked out every single library book that’s even remotely related to waste management.  He counts garbage trucks, dumpsters, and recycling bins when we’re driving.  Wherever we go, he inspects every single waste receptacle that he can get his hands on.  And most importantly, Nikolas wakes up early every Wednesday and Friday to make sure he doesn’t miss the high point of his week: the BVR truck and the municipal garbage trucks that service our street.  He heads out to our driveway right after breakfast, or sometimes even takes his breakfast with him, and stares hopefully down the street, waiting for the unmistakable squeal that means his heroes are on their way.

Last week, something unusual happened.  As Nikolas was watching the BVR truck work its way down our street, it stopped in front of our house.  The driver got out, walked around to the other door, and grabbed something.  She then, with the loveliest smile on her face, walked up our driveway, handed Nikolas an enormous box, and said “Merry Christmas!”  She was on her way again almost before Nikolas or I could realize what had happened.  In the box was an enormous, lifelike BVR recycling truck, complete with cans and bins and sounds and a working side arm.  Nikolas was stunned.  So was I.  I can’t put into words what it meant to him, or to me.  For this little boy to receive such a gift truly felt like a miracle.  I don’t think he’ll ever forget that moment, and I don’t think we can quite put into words what a boost it was for his confidence and his sense of self-worth.  It was the Wednesday of all Wednesdays.  A memory for a lifetime.

Enough from mom.  Here are a few words from Nikolas:

“Thank you for the recycling truck.  I play with it every day.  I was so excited for that day.  I love the cans and bins.  It made me feel happy and excited.  I love it and thank you and I love watching your truck on Wednesday.  Thank you for helping the earth.”

We sincerely thank the BVR employees who were responsible for putting together this moment for Nikolas.  We also want to thank our Wednesday driver, who was so very kind and a fantastic ambassador for BVR.  You made our corner of the world a little brighter.  Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all of you.

The Doucet Family

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