BIG Things to Expect in 2023

As we look on, to the new year, there are a lot of exciting things on our radar! What can we say, we’re BIG! More business projects, more team members, more specialization, more capabilities, more community involvement. We’re always looking to grow, whether that be our customer base, our services, or even our philanthropy efforts.…

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EY Announces Blake Brannon of Brannon Industrial Group as an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022 Central South Award Finalist

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in transforming our lives by disrupting entire industries and reinventing economies. We couldn’t be happier for Blake Brannon, President of Brannon Industrial Group, to be recognized as a finalist for the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022 Central South program. As the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Of…

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What is Earth Day?

Did you know April 22 is observed in America and around the world every year as Earth Day? If you did know this, are you familiar with the history and focus of this important and global day? “What is Earth Day?” is a common question we hear at Brannon Industrial Group, and we are here…

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BIG’s Tips for Safe Grilling

BIG Grilling tips

BIG Tips for Safe Grilling Independence Day may be over, but that doesn’t stop us from throwing some burgers on the grill! You may be wondering what to do with that leftover ash from your charcoal. BIG has the answers! The most important thing is safety first. Let that ash cool down. Charcoal burns at…

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A letter to Our Customers – COVID 19 Update

Brannon family

Together as a nation, we are facing an unprecedented situation. This global crisis is affecting all of our families, our livelihoods, our communities and our way of life. We are being asked as a nation to take precautions we have only feared of or watched in movies. During this time, Brannon Industrial Group, LLC (BIG)…

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BIG Celebrates 10 Years of Service for the Community

BIG Celebrates 10 Years

How it all started It all started with the need for a metal recycling facility in Brenham. A business began 10 years ago with the idea of taking recycling to the next level, giving area customers a better alternative for their scrap. By opening markets for metal recycling, Premier Metal Buyers was off and running.…

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Think Recycling Is Too Hard? We Have Easy Ways To Help

Lots of people now consider recycling to be a personal no-brainer. You have your blue plastic bins and bottle-drives. Scale it all up and together the biggest benefits may be the impact that our recycling programs have on our communities. Recycling programs encourage many people to recycle. If you and your neighbors didn’t have curbside…

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4 Keys To a Successful Recycling Program

It’s no secret that recent changes in China’s policy around accepting trash and recycling are affecting many local recycling programs. The good news is that for both business and residential customers of BVR, a BIG (Brannon Industrial Group) company, you can feel comfortable that your recycling efforts are not in vain. BVR manages hundreds of…

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