City of Bryan Recycling Center Closing

BVR Waste & Recycling (a BIG company) supports the City of Bryan’s decision of closing its recycling center. We’ve greatly enjoyed working with the City over the last few years and are excited to help residents with curbside recycling needs, as well as directing them to an alternative drop-off location.

All residents of Bryan may enroll in our single-stream curbside recycling services. In addition to receiving a container, we will provide every other week recycling collection.  You can find out more information about our waste services here. Just click on Single Stream Recycling to sign up.

TAMU’s Recycle Center, located off of Adriance Lab Rd. is another excellent option for recycling needs. Bryan Recycling Option

While they do require sorting, their facility is easy to access and centrally located right off of University Dr.

Here’s more information from the City of Bryan. 

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