Three Tips for Safe Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hzardous Waste Disposal

Brannon Industrial Group is committed to safety both at work and at home, and our Director of Safety wants to remind you that proper and safe disposal of household hazardous waste is essential.

These chemicals can include cleaners used in the home, pesticides, lawn care products, and pool chemicals.

Recently, while accepting a load of municipal waste at our Brenham, Texas transfer facility a smoldering fire, caused by household chemicals, was discovered in the hopper on a garbage truck. Thanks to the work of BIG employees and the Brenham Fire Department the burning material was safely removed from the truck and extinguished. Fires such as this can cause tremendous damage to equipment and facilities when they go unnoticed, so please keep household chemicals out of your everyday trash and dispose of them properly. If you want to do a really deep dive, check out this article by the EPA.

What can you do to make sure you, your family, and others are safe?

  1. Be careful handling any hazardous waste. Make sure you place the waste in a safe and proper container so you don’t risk fumes or spills that could hurt you or others.
  2. Take hazardous waste to the proper facility. The City of College Station has two household hazardous waste events each year. These events are co-sponsored by the Council of Governments for our regions and the City of College Station is BIG’s regional partner.
  3. Know what is hazardous and what is not.

Below is a list of common household hazardous wastes:
Corrosive cleaners (drain cleaners or oven cleaners)
Fluorescent light bulbs
Paints and solvents
Pool chlorine and acid
Stains and varnishes

Note that many of these types of items cannot be taken to our regular recycling centers. For a list of unacceptable materials at the recycling center, go here.

You can also access information regarding household hazardous waste by visiting the TCEQ website at

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