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When Should You Replace Your Trash Can?


Trash can, garbage container, rubbish bin… whatever you may call it, it can get old. Whether at home or business, you’ve probably been on the hunt for a new garbage can before. Sometimes, old trash cans just don’t cut it anymore. This can be for all sorts of reasons. For instance, they may break down or start to lose their value, or they may just stink. We can help answer the question, “When should you replace your trash can?”

Replace Your Bin When…

Like anything else, garbage cans don’t last forever. At some point, you will need a replacement. This can happen for a couple of reasons, whether your can becomes worn out or begins to lose its value. Here are some of the most common times when a home or business should replace their garbage bin.

  1. It’s Damaged

The most common reason people replace their trash bins is that they have wear and tear. Not all materials last forever, and some will break down faster than others. Residential trash cans have designs that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with collecting waste every week, but household bins won’t be as sturdy. If you notice a crack, break, or any other damage, it may be time for an alternative.

  1. It Starts To Smell

Another common cause of homeowners replacing their current trash cans is the odor. Over time, your trash bin will start to absorb the unpleasant scents from the garbage it accumulates. Some homeowners may choose scented or odor-neutralizing trash bags to help with this issue. There are always tips and tricks for helping curb the smell from the trash can floating around, such as baking soda in the trash or other ideas.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Garbage Bin

You won’t always have to replace your trash can. Sometimes, you can clean it and maintain it to get more use out of it.types of trash cans

  1. Use Trash Bags

Using compostable trash bags are best for the environment. disposable trash bags will significantly increase the use you get out of it. If you don’t utilize bags, you will need to clean your garbage bin much more often. If possible, you should do this after every time you empty it. This is important for cleanliness. It also prevents lingering odors from wafting around your home. Washing your bin every time you empty it isn’t always convenient. But if you ignore it, your bin will be dirty. Your bin will also start to absorb odors from the food and waste you dispose of if you toss your trash in without a liner. After the smells have soaked in, you will want to replace it.

  1. Placement is key

Depending on where you store your garbage can, the space around it can have a lot to do with its preservation. If you place your bin in an enclosed area, such as under the sink, it may trap food odors more quickly because it’s in a little, enclosed space. More ventilated areas like the rest of your kitchen or out in the garage won’t trap food odors as fast. However, if you store your garbage can in the garage, make sure you protect it from the many critters that might be on the hunt for a snack.

  1. Clean It

Even if you don’t store your trash directly in the trash bin, you should still get into the habit of cleaning your garbage can sometimes. When using trash bags, tears and spills can sometimes happen. This can leave a mess in your trash can (sometimes without you realizing it). Even replacing bags can make a mess. On top of this, bacteria can transfer from your trash bags to the trash can without you noticing. Therefore, you should make it a habit to clean and disinfect your garbage bins when you can. That way, there won’t be any hidden areas of contamination.


All in All

Now that you know how often you should clean and replace your trash cans, you can apply this knowledge to your home or business. By freshening up your space with a new garbage can, you can improve the health of your home and family (and maybe get to the bottom of some nasty odor problems, too). Plus, you now know all the best ways to clean it and make it last for years. The correct garbage can is worth the investment, so make sure to take care of it!