Welcome 3C Disposal Customers!

A BIG welcome to our new customers! 3C Disposal has become part of BVR Waste and Recycling; a BIG Company. BIG will continue to provide the high level of waste and recycling services that you have come to know. Over the past few days, we have heard from many of you how much you appreciated the great service from 3C Disposal and Cowgirl Collection Company. We thought it might be helpful to let you know a little bit about BVR Waste and Recycling.

Much like 3C Disposal and Cowgirl Collection Company, Brannon Industrial Group (BIG) is family owned and operated with offices in College Station and Brenham. Blake and wife, Sydni Brannon and parents, Mike and Cindy Brannon, are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. With BVR Waste and Recycling, Premier Metal Buyers and Stop and Go Potties, BIG allows us to offer our customers a wide range of solutions with a consistent level of service – giving you a local, one-stop source for your scrap metal, waste, recycling and portable sanitation needs.

We also want to let you know that the same exceptional drivers that worked for 3C Disposal have joined the team! You will continue to see the same familiar faces you have seen in the past. Even Becky Hughes is working for us part time to help with billing and accounting.

One change you may have noticed is the time your waste is collected. Since our trucks are now based in College Station, the routes have been adjusted to reflect this different starting point. This means that some of you who may have had your waste picked up early in the morning may now be serviced in the afternoon and vice versa.

We also want to clarify below some of the most frequently asked questions over the past few days.

Bagged Garbage
Please bag all household garbage to help reduce windblown litter, vectors and vermin as well as assisting in better container health. Please do not place loose debris in your container(s).
If you find that you are generating a large amount of overflow each week, please contact us for an additional container.
Bulk Garbage
Collection of large items that will not fit in your container will be determined case by case. Please call 979.260.0006 or email to inquire about bulk garbage collection.
Please flatten cardboard, secure and place next to your container.
Collection Times
To ensure collection, please place containers curbside by 7:00 am. Routes are continuously evolving; as such, your service times will vary.
Lawn Debris
All lawn clippings should be bagged and weigh no more than 35lbs per bag; limited to four (4) bags per month. Overage will be billed at $1.00 per bag and will be reflected on the next quarter’s statement.
Limbs & brush must be tied in bundles no larger than 6 inches in diameter, no longer than 48 inches in length and no heavier than 35 lbs per bundle.
Existing customers of Bentwood, Hidden Springs, King Oaks, Meadow Creek, Millican Reserve, Nantucket, Peach Crossing, Saddle Creek and Sendera Estates may continue placing recyclables curbside as directed by 3C Disposal.
We are evaluating each route to determine which areas can be added to our existing single-stream recycling routes. As areas are developed we will make you aware by phone call and email.

Thank you for being patient with us as we go through this transition. We will do everything possible to earn the same respect you have had for 3C Disposal.

Thank you for your business,

Blake, Sydni, Mike and Cindy Brannon

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